Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, it has been a busy week.  We had a quiet Memorial Day weekend.  The park was full.  There were a lot of different dogs to bark at.  But alas, Monday we got up and found out that we had a leak in our hot water heater.  Mom spent all day on the phone trying to get someone out here to fix it.  Finally on Tuesday, she was able to get a guy from Duluth, Ga.  to help.  He came out yesterday and replaced it with a new one.  HOT WATER AGAIN.  Then today, Mom got someone to come out and shampoo the carpets in the RV and then decided that since the RV was clean that I needed to have a bath. So everyone & everything is clean.  Hope she is over this cleaning thing for awhile.

Mom & Dad are going to babysit Kennedy & Finley tomorrow but I don,t think that I will be going along, but that is okay, I will have some quiet time.

All for now,


Phyllis said...

Nice to see you on here Trike.

We really need our RV carpets cleaned. Often thought it would be nice if there were traveling RVers who did that at campgrounds. Perhaps there are but haven't heard to any.

Ken Lam said...

Itis nice to have a trike's travel, especially with my family. My little son like cycling very much, and me too.